Tuning slides and leadpipes are available in 4 different types of material; each with a different tonal quality:

Yellow Brass – The standard of the industry. Our yellow brass slides will provide an enhanced core and overtones over your stock slide or leadpipe.

Bronze – Contains a higher copper content. Our bronze slides create a very warm and rich sound with very broad overtones. The bronze leadpipes will add a little darker tone as well.

Nickel Silver – Our Nickel slides create a purer, more fundamental sound with more core and less overtones…many customers call this more of a commercial or lead sound. Very fast responding as well. Nickel leadpipes will be much brighter sounding.

yamaha_clip_image038_0000Sterling Silver – Very warm, elegant core sound with enhanced overtones throughout the entire range…GREAT PROJECTION AND WILL LIGHT UP WHEN PUSHED.

PLEASE NOTE: The above descriptions are to used as a guide only…the terms “brighter, darker, warmer etc.” are very relative terms; what one player considers bright may not be considered bright by someone else.