I receive many emails and calls asking if we have a trial policy for our products, and the answer is YES! Anyone that may be interested in trying our products is encouraged to do the following:

Please let me know what make and model of trumpet you have and the problems you’re currently encountering or what improvements you would like to see (classic example-I have an 8310Z that shuts down on top; I’m also looking for a warmer tone) by filling out the form below; this will allow me to narrow down the options and select a few items that hopefully will make the improvements you’re looking for.

trumpets_0clip_image006Here’s how our trial policy works: 

Domestic customers pay $25.00 for the trial (maximum of two items) at the time the trial items are shipped; the customer is also responsible the return shipping charges. If we agree to send you more than two items, the cost will increase accordingly. At the end of the trial period, if you decide to make a purchase, we will deduct $25 off the purchase price of your product….In other words, the trial policy is literally free if you make a purchase!

All trial items are in a buffed raw finish. Items for trial are not plated, if you decide to purchase the item we would be happy to plate it for you.

I need to keep the trial period around a week, and I require a credit card number for deposit prior to shipping the trial items. If I don’t hear from you regarding the items or the items are not returned within 10 days from the time you receive them you will be billed for them. Unfortunately there have been a few bad characters who now have made it a little harder for everyone else.

Any trial items must be returned in pristine condition. The trial policy allows you to try several items in your own environment to see which combinations work best for you…one size doesn’t fit all!

If you are filling out the trial policy for a purchase, please keep in mind we do not typically accept returns. If you are returning, items must be in pristine condition and must be approved by Mike. A 50% restocking fee will apply. 


If you are interested in a Trial Product, please complete the form below. If you would like to contact us for anything other than a Trial Product, please go to our Contact Us Page. This form is new for us, we appreciate any feedback! 

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