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BSE-Round Nickel Silver 

“Got this great slide in yesterday, sooner than I expected – What a nice change!  Everything feels big and open and I can gas it like crazy with no tendency to jump off the note.  Feels and sounds like I can burn a three foot hole through the back wall! Thanks so much!” 



BSE Semi-round Nickel Tuning Slide and Callet 122 Leadpipe

“I just played a show on my lead mouthpiece with the new callet pipe setup, and I was MORE THAN SATISFIED! WOOW!  Intonation, response, upper register slotting and clarity, and great articulation, to name a few of the positive characteristics.  After playing this show which is usually very taxing, I’m surprised at how great I felt toward at the end.  And I’ve only played this pipe a couple hours on this setup, so I’m pleasantly surprise at how fast I became acclimated.  I still would like a more open and rounded sound than what I’m getting on it, but I know that will come with more practice and getting used to.  Still, I think I may purchase your other 25 pipe just to have in case I want to attach it later, but I’m going to give this pipe some more time to get used to it.  You all really know what you’re doing!  I appreciate your friendliness and thank you for your products and for helping me find my sound.”


Bach anniversary Standard weight SR Sterling Silver OEM Bach shape – Bach water key

“Received my Artisan sterling slide on Monday. Not sure I liked it playing It with my usual deep cup GR MX  mouthpiece. Last night I tried it in band rehearsal with a slightly shallower GR M2 mouthpiece. Wow! What an improvement. Crystal clear tone without the slight edginess that I was getting with that M2 piece on my original slide. Benefit of the shallower mouthpiece is quicker articulation. I was not completely satisfied with my original slide, as it was quite bright, hence my use of the deeper mouthpiece. Now the sterling darkens that, but gives me a nice clear tone. As you state, it also lights up when pushed—but doesn’t get edgy. I am also sensing some flexibility between note intervals that I did not have before. Excellent work as usual! Now you have me thinking that I need a sterling slide for my Schilke B4 tuning bell trumpet. BTW: new slide fit just as well as the original.”


Universal Trumpet Brace

“I place one at the slide crook. The other one I place on the tuning slide, and have discovered that there is a sweet spot where sound and playability of horn are optimum. Only by experimenting can you discover the correct placement. I ordered two for my cornet, but discovered it plays best with only one at the crook. I placed the other one on my Artisan trumpet (which already has two factory braces). Amazingly that extra third brace improves the Artisan horn from what was already a great horn. I have seven of your braces now!”


3″ Adjustable Trombone Brace 

“I forgot to tell you, but I got the brace on Thursday! Fits like a glove and it works very well. It will stay on my horn for while 🙂 Thanks!” 



Bach 42 Adjustable/Removable Trombone Brace 

“The brace arrived today. I’ve only had 15 minutes warm up with it but I’m already impressed. I’m going to use it on my horn for Aida tonight.”




Bach 43 ML Bore Raw Brass 43 reverse Leadpipe

“I got the leadpipe last sunday. I’m glad to say to you that it is a great one. Big sound, very good sound center, easy to blow and helps me a lot with my work, basically a new horn. I’ll totally recommend it to people. Good job!!! Thank you.” 



Bach CL 239 25A Leadpipe Large Bore Raw finish Yellow Brass

“The C pipe I had ordered arrived yesterday, and I road tested it last night.  I think I am really going to like it!  Big, fat core to the sound, good intonation, easy blow, what’s not to like?”


img_0621 (2)SR Series Yellow Brass Single Radius Silver Plated Slide for Bach Strad Bb

“I received the new Tuning Slide in the mail today. When I returned home I immediately blew on the old one and then changed to the new rounded slide. I was very pleased with the ease I found in blowing my trumpet. After trying it for awhile I started playing pianissimo in the higher range and found to my amazement that it was much easier to maintain mp and pp without loosing my clear tones. To say the least, I am very pleased and will update you when we finish the Messiah the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Thanks for your help.” 


img_0825 (3) (1)BSR C/Bb Nickel Silver Tuning Slide for Bach C Large Bore

“I just wanted to relay my first impressions of playing my C all day today with the new slide.  Well…I didn’t reach for the old one to compare—that in itself is a good sign!   We rehearsed the Vaughn-Williams “Antartica” Symphony today and I was so impressed with the eveness, the quick response and the intonation. One of the things the struck me is that I could blow this thing as loud as I could and what you said about the nickel having core held true. It just got louder and never harsh or strident. (I like to think that maybe I can take just a little credit for that too..;-))”


Bronze SE Semi Round RawStandard Bach 37 with 25 pipe – Silver plated SE series Yellow Brass Semi-Round and Raw SE Series Bronze Semi-Round, also an adjustable brace

“I’m really enjoying how the lack of a brace feels; just fantastic! They’re both a perfect fit on my 37, and the yellow brass slide has freed up my upper register massively. I can now slot a high A below double C perfectly, and my range up to double C (excepting the Ab) is wide open, in tune and easy! The bronze slide sounds lovely, and although it takes a bit more energy to play, it has a beautiful complex sound.”

Bach Stradivarius 37 ML bore BSR bronze square raw brass with a Bach waterkey

“I received my bronze tuning slide today! Just wanted to say thanks! I love it! Not sure how, or what science is behind it but, the tone and solid core it produces is wonderful! It makes me what to update all the slides on my horn.”



BSR Series Semi-Round Sterling Silver for Bach C Large Bore

“It is so great to finally create sounds on my horn which haven’t been possible until now.  I’m drawn toward the silver plated slide, especially the way it slots in the higher register, and in particular the colours that shine when playing loud.”


img_0255 (2) (1)BSR-ML-SIL for Bach Strad Bb

“The slide arrived today.  It feels wonderful, much more open and excellent in the upper register!”


Custom Sterling 523 Reverse Leadpipe and Round Sterling Reverse Tuning Slide for Bach Strad Bb

“Received my slide and leadpipe today for trial. The first impression was beautiful craftsmanship on both. Then, when I placed them in the instrument, they totally changed the sound for the better. Thank you for a job VERY well done!”


Bach large Bore valve slide set in Bronze

“Just a short note of thanks, the slides arrived a week ago, had a chance recently to try them and I must say I`m impressed! they fit perfectly and add to the sound and projection considerably, many thanks! will be browsing your site again soon no doubt.”


Bach Stradivarius Trumpet Tuning Slide – Square Crook, Standard Weight, Silver

“The slide arrived this morning and it is everything I hoped for.  I reckon there was something wrong with the original slide on my Strad, it just blew unusually tight.  The M/K square yellow brass slide alleviated that tightness while still giving the right kind of resistance to create the characteristic Bach “sound” and articulation.  My trumpet is simply easier to play, it feels like it had a problem and now that problem is gone. Thanks for making a great product with great attention to detail.”


Bach Trumpet Tuning Slide Raw Finish, Bb Standard Weight SE Square Sterling Silver

“Excellent products, craftsmanship and customer service. I bought a BSE slide in Sterling Silver for my Bach Anniversary 190 37 for jazz and lead playing. The sound is fat, huge core and cuts the way I need it to. The upper register is more locked in and focused from High C and beyond! Highly recommended!!!”


Bach SE Series Sterling Silver Model 180 LTBach SE Series Sterling Silver Model 180 LT

“The slide looks and plays fantastic! The workmanship is second to none! I have been a machinist for 40 years and 3D designer using Solidworks for 15 years. Your Quality is superb. I have your card in my case and will tell everyone of your products and excellent service!”


Mt. Vernon 7 leadpipe/Callet Jazz Leadpipe

“It felt close to the stock 25 pipe, but (for me) seemed to slot really well, clear tone, made each note in a run pop, didn’t seem to stifle my upper register, seemed to have a zing sound up there and didn’t force me to blow my face off/out. 
Both pipes EASILY outplayed my stock 25, intonation saw a noticeable improvement on both pipes, both were mouthpiece sensitive enough that I knew the tone I would have and both are a definite, needed upgrade to the stock pipe.
My Army concert band stand mate leaned in and said “I can always tell when you’ve been practicing more, but you sound even better than that today”
– My tenor sax (Indiana University performance graduate) in my Army show band, midway through rehearsal, stopped me and said “Not sure what’s different today…but DAMN man, you’re dialed in”
– The other trumpet in my NOLA brass band (former IU performance major, toured in a ska band for 10 years – even opening for Dave Matthews a few times) turned to me midway through and said I sounded like the range was coming out easier than usual. 
You guys are the best and thank you for your help in this process.”

Mt. Vernon Bach Bb trumpet Mt. Pipe/Semi-round ML bore SR Series Yellow Brass tuning slide with Bach Waterkey

“I received the shipment on Friday and I had the pipe installed today, and I’m just thrilled! I had high hopes for this horn, but I was starting to feel like it wasn’t going to make the cut. But with the new setup it sounds beautiful! Plays so much better too, but boy the sound is wonderful. Thanks for your help!”



Benge D Shaped Bb Slide in Bronze

“The slide is AWESOME! Huge difference in pitch and a warmer sound.”


Benge .470 SE tuning slide with Adjustable brace

“I received the new tuning slide + sound post yesterday afternoon. Your high level of craftsmanship was quite evident when I first saw it. After playing my trumpet with your slide, the best word I can use to describe the sensation is “FREEDOM”. It has the perfect amount of resistance that seems to compact my sound as well as adding some brilliance and “bottom” (i.e. lower overtones) as well as more flexibility. I tried the sound post both on the slide and on various spots closer to the valve casing. Quite frankly, the slide plays best for me by itself. However it’s great to have the option.”



Calicchio trumpet (ML with #2 lead pipe)

“Thanks for sending the Caliccchio slides. I am keeping the unbraced slide and returning the braced slide to you. The unbraced slide plays very well and focuses better than the factory slide. Thanks again for making my horns play better!”



SE Series Nickel Silver Slide for Getzen Eterna Bb

“I received the slides today, the new slide fits perfect and I tested this morning in a big band rehearsal.  The sound is bright and fat the guys really like it and the feel is much better , i realy like the horn with your slide.  Thanks for all man.”


SE Series Sterling Silver Slide for Getzen Eterna C Large Bore

“The craftsmanship and finish is “1A”, it fits exactly and sounds astonishing great.  Thank you!”



Modified Kanstul 1601 with M/K Sterling 5 leadpipe and Round Bronze Tuning Slide

“Love the horn and everyone who see’s it or plays it feels the same. The tone quality of the horn and the ease to play is incredible. Thanks for taking my vision and making it a reality; a true masterpiece. Awesome tone; versatile; getting use to the ease of moving around on the horn; partials experiencing I wasn’t experiencing before. The horn looks awesome! Excellent job Mike.”



Schilke B3 Tuning Slide NY Crook in Yellow Brass

“Received the tuning slide yesterday, I am very happy with it. It fits my trumpet perfectly and the finish is superb. It definitely has changed the way the trumpet plays and it feels better with a bit more resistance.”


Schilke B1 Leadpipe

“I wanted to give you feedback on my replacement lead pipe- a ’70s Schilke B1.  I wanted to replace my old pipe due to age and wear on the receiver and some very small wrinkles that could not be removed.  I found your option in a web search. Installation was straight forward and it allowed me to remove tension in the setup that had built up over 4 very tough decades on this horn.   I could not remove the stop collar or receiver from the old pipe but yours came with a very nicely set-up receiver and it fit the tuning slide perfectly.  So I’m running it without the B1 stamp on the receiver or a stop collar but that really does not matter. What does matter is…Compared to the 47 year old original lead pipe, the replacement is indeed a noticeable improvement.  Especially noticeable are the freer blow and better slotting and response.  With the Beryllium bellI can still light fires when I’m feeling destructive, it’s got a fuller sound that helps me “play nicer” with others in wind ensemble, and orchestra settings.  This was a great upgrade for an already amazing horn and I’m very glad I found you online.”  


Schilke B1 Sterling Silver Tuning Slide

“Got my MK Drawing Sterling Silver tuning slide for my Schilke B1. Tried playing the B1 as is first, then changed over to the Sterling silver slide. I immediately noticed a marked improvement in the tone, when playing with the Sterling Silver one: I clearly heard more sparkle, depth and volume in the tone. Also very clear, ringing articulations and the upper register felt free. I noticed it is a little more square than the Schilke tuning slide. I am very happy I got it. Kudos to Mike Bulow the owner.”



Schilke-slideSchilke Semi-Round Sterling Silver Tuning Slide

“I love my Schilkes but somehow I wondered if M/K main slides might help. I have installed the semi-round sterling silver in all three horns (C2, B2 and B2LB) and I cannot overstate the improvement. Attacks at all volumes and range are VERY good and secure. Core sound is also better, which if you play Schilkes, is saying something. Thank you Mike for making my trumpet playing easier and more enjoyable! I even have a friend interested in an M/K upgrade.”


Trombone Leadpipes


MK42 Tenor Sterling Silver Trombone Pipe with Pull Ring .547 Bore

“The MK42 Sterling Silver pipe really helps my R4F (Rath) center the sound in. The core of the sound is absolutely brilliant, extremely dense. The sound is broad and rich in every register and stays that way at every dynamic even when you really light it up! I find that this pipe brings focus between partials in a way that I haven’t been able to get before. The articulations are fat and speak easily: marcatos and staccatos stay on the full side and don’t get “pecky” and legatos maintain consistency. This pipe can take a massive amount of air: I’ve found that I can really give it a push and the sound doesn’t break up. I’ve only had this for a few days and it’s taking some major adjusting from the previous leadpipe I was using, but so far I love it. I’m looking forward to testing it out in orchestra and brass quintet performances when we start back next month! Thank you for an excellent piece of craftsmanship, I look forward to trying more of your products in the future!”


Shires-Sterling-Silver-Trombone-LP-TenorM/K Trombone Leadpipe – Fits Shires Trombones (MK42 Tenor, Raw Finish, Sterling Silver with Threaded Collar, has .547 Bore)

“Today, I received the leadpipe. It perfectly fits to my instrument and sounds totally different. My sounds gets concentrated and well resonance. It is not only ‘the next level’, I feel like a dead fish revived. Thank you for your assistance and please tell my big thanks to your craftsman.”

MK42 Sterling Silver, George Roberts Tenor Nickel, and George Roberts Tenor Yellow Brass

“I tried both GR yellow, nickel sliver, and MK42 sterling sliver leadpipe. They are awesome! I play Rath R4F trombone, the GR yellow gives me a clear, fast response and open sound, I would like to use it with solo pieces. Nickel sliver presents a even and stable tone with exposing the sound, especial the low range, open and warm! MK sterling sliver is a amazing piece, it helps you to make very warm sound when you’re playing some soft phrase, also easy to make a very brilliant sound with giving lots of air. I would use during some big pieces. Great job!”


M/K Trombone Leadpipes – Fits Shires Trombones (MK42 Tenor, Nickel with Threaded Collar, .547 Bore)

“This pipe fits my custom Shires trombone perfectly. I have much less trouble in the high range than previously, with a beautiful shimmering orchestral sound. This pipe definitely slots amazingly and I have no problem starting on any note on my horn from a pedal G all the way to high F (Beethoven 5). Best lead pipe i’ve ever owned. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”



MK50 Leadpipe – Nickel silver

“I play a Antoine Courtois 550bhr bastrombone and I have let make the leadpipe removable. Now i play with the MK50 pipe in nickel silver and its great and the bass is become a weapon , a bit brighter but very invasive and penetrating. I am glad thanks!”



MK50 Leadpipe – Nickel Silver 

“I use a 1972 TR180 Holton (Elkhorn, also) that used to belong to Dick Hixson in NYC. I have Greenhoe valves on this horn and the upgraded leadpipe really makes this horn special. I have already been singing your praises to some of the locals here in Knoxville.”


MK50 Yellow Brass pipe with Pull Ring

“Lead pipe received. Fantastic. It’s an obvious improvement over my stock Bach lead pipe. Thanks!”




M/K George Roberts Nickel Silver Bass lead pipe with Getzen-Edwards threaded collar (Raw Finish), has .562 Bore.

“I really couldn’t be happier with the George Roberts Bass lead pipe. Now that most of the playing I do is in a concert band, I’ve been looking for a way to make my Edwards bass more efficient to play – more like my old King Duo Gravis. Switching to an “old school” lead pipe design seemed like a option worth trying, and it turned out to be exactly the right choice. I can get the fat sound I want with much less effort and without getting “the hand” from the podium. Articulations are cleaner, lip slurs are less effort, and soft dynamics are easier to produce.”



M/K GR Tenor Nickel Leadpipe

“I was quite surprised by the tenor GR nickel lead pipe, sounds so good and my horn is finally projecting.  Articulations are a lot easier too 🙂


George Roberts Nickel Bass Trombone Leadpipe (Shires Threads)

“Received my leadpipe today and I can’t put my horn down. I primarily use a B2.5L, and this new pipe changes my bass in to a different horn (a good thing!!). Articulations are crisp and pointed, and tone is extremely centered and does not spread. Workmanship is absolutely top notch and the pipe threaded into the receiver without adjustments. Excellent product that I can’t get enough of! I’ll be back for more, I’m sure.”


M/K Trombone Leadpipes – Fits Shires Trombones (MK42 Tenor, Nickel with Threaded Collar, .547 Bore)

“Plays great. Works really well on my Getzen bass trombone. Just what I was looking for.”


MK-Trombone-Leadpipes-–-Fits-Shires-Trombones-MK42-Tenor-Yellow-Brass-with-Threaded-Collar-.547-BoreMK42 Yellow Brass Tenor leadpipe with Shires threaded collar

“The MK 42 leadpipe gives a very bright and dense sound throughout the trombone register, clear articulation.
The transitions between the notes are very smooth, which is not at all typical for the Bach style leadpipes and this is a very good improvement!!! Manufacturing and quality of work of Mike Bulow at the highest level!!! I would definitely recommend trying and using the lovely leadpipes from M/K Drawing & Bending company!!!! ”


M/K George Roberts Sterling Silver Leadpipe

“During the rehearsal the conductor made several public and positive comments about my sound.  By the end of rehearsal I knew that I had finally found what I had been looking for.  Surprisingly after the rehearsal he sought me out and asked if I was doing anything different with my playing.  I explained the addition of your SS pipe.  He said and I quote, “It has totally transformed your sound.  I am finally hearing things in your part that I never heard before.”  Since that night I have sold all the other lead pipes and gotten your bronze pipe which has its own uses in some of the smaller groups I play in.  I look forward to someday having the entire set of your lead pipes and then any new developments you may come up with.  I cannot say if everyone would have the same experience as I did, but I would and do recommend your GR bass Trombone lead pipes to any bass trombone players I come in contact with.   Thank you for providing me a quality product that has given me the means to successful.”


M/K George Roberts Bass leadpipe shires threads Sterling Silver Trombone Leadpipe

“I received my SS GR pipe this afternoon and have got to play around an hour or two on the horn. I honestly can’t say enough about the changes it has made to the horns feel and response! I play on a Shires Q series bass, and with the stock leadpipe I felt like I was always fighting for a clear ringing sound, and could never match the sound concept in my head. I drop this puppy in and all the problems were fixed! The sound feels as if it jumps out of the horn and immediately hits the wall regardless of the dynamic, which is exactly what I want. The sound that comes out is about as close to gold rods as you can get, tons of color and tons of core. I will be very excited to test how this blends in ensembles this semester. 10/10 would definitely recommend!”


M/K George Roberts leadpipe Sterling Silver Bass Trombone Leadpipe 

I have been blowing on it for days and it is everything I had hoped it would be.  The first impression was that the bottom end of the horn was opened up tremendously, which was my most hoped for result.  The second is that the sound of the instrument overall is richer than before — a bonus, in my opinion.  As you may remember, I got this for a new Butler C-12 carbon fiber bass trombone.  I am certainly going to relay my impressions to Dave Butler.  I would certainly encourage him to make the GR leadpipe his original equipment pipe, though not necessarily the Sterling one.  It is certainly responsive, and combined with the already fantastic responsiveness of the C-12, it can be frightening at times !  Thanks for your efforts in making these available.  I come from the era when what you bought is what you played.   There were none of the incredible “tweaks” that are available today.  We just had to make stock instruments bend to our will to achieve the sound we were looking for.  Now, at my age, I am grateful for anything that makes the task easier.  Thanks again for your expertise!



.525 Leadpipe Sterling Silver 525B-S and 525C-S

“Wow! This was an extremely hard choice to settle on. I really really liked both. I played both equally and I’m still torn on what I like better. I’m going to go with the Bach leadpipe. It is a little fuller and more orchestral sounding. The conn leadpipe has amazing clarity and precision, but I already have the conn in yellow brass, so that’s why I’m going with the Bach. I probably have twenty recordings of me going back and forth between the leadpipes. Thanks for the allowing me to do the trial. I highly recommend your work!”



.525B-Y Tenor Trombone Leadpipe

“The scale and feel (back pressure) are more even and the leadpipe made my playing very efficient.  I could articulate very hard in all registers and the sound still held together.  When my musician friends listened from about 100 feet away in a hall, they noticed that the .525B-Y had more of a presence or “sizzle” in the sound than the Mercedes 836.   They also noted that I sounded like I was not working so hard on the fortes and fortissimos.  The coolest thing is that they noticed the same thing on my Bach 36 and my Yamaha 683G!”


.525C-Y Tenor Trombone Leadpipe 

“I’ve had about 5 days now of testing the leadpipes out and the clear favorite is the 525CY. It’s a longer pipe that produces enhanced clarity in articulations and excellent feedback in the high register. Sometimes the sound can suffer with a tighter pipe, but I did not find that to be the case. Perfect all around pipe for a Bach 36. It beat out the Edwards #2 pipe I was currently using. The 525BY is shorter and feels more open. Perhaps on a different horn it would be great, but for my needs the feedback on the chops and ease of articulations wasn’t like the 525CY.”  



SR Series Single Radius Tuning Slides for Yamaha Xeno Reverse Bb

“Sterling Silver- very rich sound in all registers, very *elegant* sounding. My overall best pick for daily use.”


Yamaha LA SE Series Sterling Slide

“I really like the sterling on the Yamaha. the difference is huge. It seems to really give the horn focus and center. Upper register seems to be much more stable and lock the notes in better. All tuning slides, by the way make the horn play better than the original one.”


Yamaha Z Yellow Brass Leadpipe 

“Just wanted to let you know that I got the leadpipe mounted, and I couldn’t be happier! I feel like I did when I was at UNT with the 1 o’clock with my 72/43, only I don’t have to work as hard. I can back off most of the time, but when I want to push it, my 8310 sounds huge! Can’t wait to play my horn every day, instead of being that daily chore. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.”


Yamaha-Z-Bb-Trumpet-Tuning-Slide-Raw-Finish-Nickel-Silver-SE-Series-ML-Bore-Semi-Round-fits-models-6310Z-and-8310ZYamaha 6310z Semi round Nickel silver tuning slide

“I originally purchased this slide to replace the original on my Yamaha 6310z due to red rot. Immediately after playing a few notes I noticed a clear difference. My tone on this horn is a lot brighter (which I like a lot) and my articulation is more crisp. The purchase is well worth it and I hope to do business with MK Drawing again!”


Yamaha 8310Z Fully Round Yellow Brass Tuning Slide

“This slide is amazing! I’ve been playing on this slide for about 2 months, and the difference is astounding. For commercial and lead work, this is perfect. The upper register slots much easier, and everything is centered and sizzles. I can peel paint off of any wall!”


Yamaha 8310Z Semi-Round Sterling Silver

“Slide arrived, Sterling, semi-round for my Yamaha 8310z. It took me about 12 seconds to figure out that in every way this is a big improvement over the stock main tuning slide. Nice focus, more even response high to low, articulation improved. You do great work, Mike!


Yamaha 8310Z tuning slide Bronze Semi-Round and Yamaha 8310Z Valve slide set Bronze

“Everything looks and feels great! Even though it took a little longer than expected, it was well worth the wait – the horn slotting is greatly improved.”


Yamaha 6310Z/8310Z Bb YSE-ML Raw Bronze, Semi-Round SE Series (no brace) Trumpet Tuning slide 

“I’m really liking the improvements on my horn! The slotting and ease of playing has improved, as well as the tone! Great product and company!”


Yamaha 8335Yamaha 8335 ML Raw Yellow Brass, Semi-Round with Brace, with traditional water key – ML bore by request

“Quick review: first two days, had to acclimate because suddenly my horn changed dramatically from large bore to ML. I thought something was wrong…then, shedding and doing some gigs, I began to understand how the ease of play had improved. Not a better sound noticeably, but evenness of tone, and projection, and focus, much much better. Thank you very much for making great thing. I can go to deeper mouthpiece set up without getting tired in the first round.”


Yamaha Bobby Shew Yellow Brass Fully Round Tuning Slide

“Thank you for the tuning slide! The tuning slide works well, and looks/sounds great. I wanted my horn to be as flexible as possible in terms of slotting, and along with smaller mouthpiece gap, I find the horn a little more open and flexible in its slotting. (Who knows, I might be making this up all in my head, but then it’s making up good things! :)Once again, thank you, and best wishes for everyone at the MK Drawing and Bending!”


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