Bach Bb Valve Slides are now available in Yellow Brass, Bronze, Nickel Silver and Sterling Silver!


Better Intonation, Response, and Clarity are achieved with these slides. 


3rd Dump Slides are available with or without Amado or Bach Lever Waterkeys.




Customer ReviewMike, thanks for the slides….here’s what I have found out.  First, I like the bronze valve slides with the bronze tuning slide; it seems to really match well on the two weddings I did last Saturday.  Now the real issue:  I have tried them for four days now and found that although the bronze valve slides add a little resistance and aren’t as loud as the stock valve slides, it slots, projects, and centers unlike anything I have ever tried. I have this thing at the end of a tune with the jazz orchestra, a call and answer thing. It has me playing a staggered chromatic scale from high c to double c. The B and Bb are always slippery but they lock in with these valve slides. I’ve always had e’s and a constricted f above double c and these slides lock in those notes, especially the f.  For the first four days I would try the slides in different order…mine and yours and always found that the bronze valve slides produce those notes in tune (as noted by the navy guys who came to hear us last night). I find that the bronze valve slides give me great clarity in the middle, upper and extreme upper register. …so having said that, I guess I gotta have them.


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