“I just played a show on my lead mouthpiece with the new callet pipe setup, and I was MORE THAN SATISFIED! WOOW!  Intonation, response, upper register slotting and clarity, and great articulation, to name a few of the positive characteristics.  After playing this show which is usually very taxing, I’m surprised at how great I felt toward at the end.  And I’ve only played this pipe a couple hours on this setup, so I’m pleasantly surprise at how fast I became acclimated.  I still would like a more open and rounded sound than what I’m getting on it, but I know that will come with more practice and getting used to.  Still, I think I may purchase your other 25 pipe just to have in case I want to attach it later, but I’m going to give this pipe some more time to get used to it.  You all really know what you’re doing!  I appreciate your friendliness and thank you for your products and for helping me find my sound.”