“During the rehearsal the conductor made several public and positive comments about my sound.  By the end of rehearsal I knew that I had finally found what I had been looking for.  Surprisingly after the rehearsal he sought me out and asked if I was doing anything different with my playing.  I explained the addition of your SS pipe.  He said and I quote, “It has totally transformed your sound.  I am finally hearing things in your part that I never heard before.”  Since that night I have sold all the other lead pipes and gotten your bronze pipe which has its own uses in some of the smaller groups I play in.  I look forward to someday having the entire set of your lead pipes and then any new developments you may come up with.  I cannot say if everyone would have the same experience as I did, but I would and do recommend your GR bass Trombone lead pipes to any bass trombone players I come in contact with.   Thank you for providing me a quality product that has given me the means to successful.”