“It felt close to the stock 25 pipe, but (for me) seemed to slot really well, clear tone, made each note in a run pop, didn’t seem to stifle my upper register, seemed to have a zing sound up there and didn’t force me to blow my face off/out. 
Both pipes EASILY outplayed my stock 25, intonation saw a noticeable improvement on both pipes, both were mouthpiece sensitive enough that I knew the tone I would have and both are a definite, needed upgrade to the stock pipe.
My Army concert band stand mate leaned in and said “I can always tell when you’ve been practicing more, but you sound even better than that today”
– My tenor sax (Indiana University performance graduate) in my Army show band, midway through rehearsal, stopped me and said “Not sure what’s different today…but DAMN man, you’re dialed in”
– The other trumpet in my NOLA brass band (former IU performance major, toured in a ska band for 10 years – even opening for Dave Matthews a few times) turned to me midway through and said I sounded like the range was coming out easier than usual. 
You guys are the best and thank you for your help in this process.”