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BSE-Round Nickel Silver 

“Got this great slide in yesterday, sooner than I expected – What a nice change!  Everything feels big and open and I can gas it like crazy with no tendency to jump off the note.  Feels and sounds like I can burn a three foot hole through the back wall! Thanks so much!” 


3″ Adjustable Trombone Brace 

“I forgot to tell you, but I got the brace on Thursday! Fits like a glove and it works very well. It will stay on my horn for while 🙂 Thanks!” 



Bach 42 Adjustable/Removable Trombone Brace 

“The brace arrived today. I’ve only had 15 minutes warm up with it but I’m already inpressed. I’m going to use it on my horn for Aida tonight.”



Bach 43 ML Bore Raw Brass 43 reverse leadpipeBach 43 ML Bore Raw Brass 43 reverse Leadpipe

I got the leadpipe last sunday. I’m glad to say to you that it is a great one. Big sound, very good sound center, easy to blow and helps me a lot with my work, basically a new horn. I’ll totally recommend it to people. Good job!!! Thank you. 


img_0621 (2)SR Series Yellow Brass Single Radius Silver Plated Slide for Bach Strad Bb

“I received the new Tuning Slide in the mail today. When I returned home I immediately blew on the old one and then changed to the new rounded slide. I was very pleased with the ease I found in blowing my trumpet. After trying it for awhile I started playing pianissimo in the higher range and found to my amazement that it was much easier to maintain mp and pp without loosing my clear tones. To say the least, I am very pleased and will update you when we finish the Messiah the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Thanks for your help.” 


img_0825 (3) (1)BSR C/Bb Nickel Silver Tuning Slide for Bach C Large Bore

“I just wanted to relay my first impressions of playing my C all day today with the new slide.  Well…I didn’t reach for the old one to compare—that in itself is a good sign!   We rehearsed the Vaughn-Williams “Antartica” Symphony today and I was so impressed with the eveness, the quick response and the intonation. One of the things the struck me is that I could blow this thing as loud as I could and what you said about the nickel having core held true. It just got louder and never harsh or strident. (I like to think that maybe I can take just a little credit for that too..;-))”


SR Series Semi-Round Sterling Silver for Bach C Large Bore

“It is so great to finally create sounds on my horn which haven’t been possible until now.  I’m drawn toward the silver plated slide, especially the way it slots in the higher register, and in particular the colours that shine when playing loud.”


img_0255 (2) (1)BSR-ML-SIL for Bach Strad Bb

“The slide arrived today.  It feels wonderful, much more open and excellent in the upper register!”


Custom Sterling 523 Reverse Leadpipe and Round Sterling Reverse Tuning Slide for Bach Strad Bb

“Received my slide and leadpipe today for trial. The first impression was beautiful craftsmanship on both. Then, when I placed them in the instrument, they totally changed the sound for the better. Thank you for a job VERY well done!”


Bach large Bore valve slide set in Bronze

“Just a short note of thanks, the slides arrived a week ago, had a chance recently to try them and I must say I`m impressed! they fit perfectly and add to the sound and projection considerably, many thanks! will be browsing your site again soon no doubt.”


Bach Stradivarius Trumpet Tuning Slide – Square Crook, Standard Weight, Silver

“The slide arrived this morning and it is everything I hoped for.  I reckon there was something wrong with the original slide on my Strad, it just blew unusually tight.  The M/K square yellow brass slide alleviated that tightness while still giving the right kind of resistance to create the characteristic Bach “sound” and articulation.  My trumpet is simply easier to play, it feels like it had a problem and now that problem is gone. Thanks for making a great product with great attention to detail.”


Bach Trumpet Tuning Slide Raw Finish, Bb Standard Weight SE Square Sterling Silver

“Excellent products, craftsmanship and customer service. I bought a BSE slide in Sterling Silver for my Bach Anniversary 190 37 for jazz and lead playing. The sound is fat, huge core and cuts the way I need it to. The upper register is more locked in and focused from High C and beyond! Highly recommended!!!”


Bach SE Series Sterling Silver Model 180 LTBach SE Series Sterling Silver Model 180 LT

“The slide looks and plays fantastic! The workmanship is second to none! I have been a machinist for 40 years and 3D designer using Solidworks for 15 years. Your Quality is superb. I have your card in my case and will tell everyone of your products and excellent service!”



Benge D Slide in Bronze

“The slide is AWESOME! Huge difference in pitch and a warmer sound.”



Calicchio trumpet (ML with #2 lead pipe)

“Thanks for sending the Caliccchio slides. I am keeping the unbraced slide and returning the braced slide to you. The unbraced slide plays very well and focuses better than the factory slide. Thanks again for making my horns play better!”



SE Series Nickel Silver Slide for Getzen Eterna Bb

“I received the slides today, the new slide fits perfect and I tested this morning in a big band rehearsal.  The sound is bright and fat the guys really like it and the feel is much better , i realy like the horn with your slide.  Thanks for all man.”


SE Series Sterling Silver Slide for Getzen Eterna C Large Bore

“The craftsmanship and finish is “1A”, it fits exactly and sounds astonishing great.  Thank you!”



Modified Kanstul 1601 with M/K Sterling 5 leadpipe and Round Bronze Tuning Slide

“Love the horn and everyone who see’s it or plays it feels the same. The tone quality of the horn and the ease to play is incredible. Thanks for taking my vision and making it a reality; a true masterpiece. Awesome tone; versatile; getting use to the ease of moving around on the horn; partials experiencing I wasn’t experiencing before. The horn looks awesome! Excellent job Mike.”


MK42 Leadpipes


MK42 Tenor Sterling Silver Trombone Pipe with Pull Ring .547 Bore

“The MK42 Sterling Silver pipe really helps my R4F (Rath) center the sound in. The core of the sound is absolutely brilliant, extremely dense. The sound is broad and rich in every register and stays that way at every dynamic even when you really light it up! I find that this pipe brings focus between partials in a way that I haven’t been able to get before. The articulations are fat and speak easily: marcatos and staccatos stay on the full side and don’t get “pecky” and legatos maintain consistency. This pipe can take a massive amount of air: I’ve found that I can really give it a push and the sound doesn’t break up. I’ve only had this for a few days and it’s taking some major adjusting from the previous leadpipe I was using, but so far I love it. I’m looking forward to testing it out in orchestra and brass quintet performances when we start back next month! Thank you for an excellent piece of craftsmanship, I look forward to trying more of your products in the future!”



SR Series Single Radius Tuning Slides for Yamaha Xeno Reverse Bb

“Sterling Silver- very rich sound in all registers, very *elegant* sounding. My overall best pick for daily use.”


Yamaha LA SE Series Sterling Slide

“I really like the sterling on the Yamaha. the difference is huge. It seems to really give the horn focus and center. Upper register seems to be much more stable and lock the notes in better. All tuning slides, by the way make the horn play better than the original one.”


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