This is a Yamaha 8310Z Trumpet completely overhauled with our parts. The following have been replaced including:


  • Leadpipe – replaced with our M/K Reverse Jazz Leadpipe

  • Tuning Slide – Alloy depends on customers preference

  • ALL Valve Slides – Alloy depends on customers preference

  • Lacquer job by Charlie’s Brass Works

  • Valves inspected and approved by Doctor Valve


This horn was designed to GREATLY outperform the OEM Z horn.  This horn contains the following greatly improved features:


  • Projection

  • Opened upper register

  • Response

  • Overtones

  • Core Sound

  • Slotting

  • Due to the many choices of alloy options, this horn is completely versatile for any setting: Jazz, Orchestral, etc.


This is a professional grade Trumpet!  Please call to discuss the possibility of converting your current Yamaha!