Our valve slides are designed to enhance a trumpet’s sound and outperform OEM equipment.  These have enhanced projection, tone, slotting, and improves upper register notes.




Customer Review“You guys have outdone yourselves once again! To anyone thinking of buying M/K’s new Yamaha Z valve slide set: DO IT! My horn has so much more warm and buttery core to the sound and as an added bonus the slides also opened up the upper register, notes around and above high C notes around and above high C feel and sound noticeably less stuffy (one of the few complaints I used to have about my Z–not anymore though!). By the way, I ordered the slides in bronze (semi-round tuning slide), I tried all the different alloys and found that the bronze was the best match at least for me. Mike and Ryan, thanks again for a job way beyond just well done! Best Christmas present I could’ve possible asked for, LOL!”

-Ray Callender