Our SR series tuning slides are designed to outperform OEM equipment, with better response, focus, and slotting.


Plenty of core sound and enhanced overtones also, but these slides blend much better than the SE series slides and the slotting is tighter as well due to the brace. The SR series slides are the more versatile of the two, being able to be used for a wider variety of playing styles.


Our Tuning Slide options include:

  • Round, Semi-Round, or Square

  • Yellow Brass, Bronze, Nickel Silver, or Sterling Silver

  • Raw, Silver Plate, or Lacquer

  • Water Key or Bach Water Key




 img_0940-lg  img_0945-lg  img_0981-lg
 img_1038-lg  img_1139-lg  


These Slides are also included in our Trial Policy! Please see our Trial Policy page for more details.


A Trial Policy Form is located at the bottom of the page if you are interested!